Ascent of 1100 meters of distance and 200 meters of unevenness to the San Marcial mountain.

San Marcial uphill

San Marcial uphill

    Irun, Gipuzkoa


    1 Oct, 2020

  • END

    31 Oct, 2020


    1190 m.

Race has finished

This race finished on day 31 October, 2020.

Race description

“San Marcial uphill” is a race that takes place in Irun. It is an ascent of 200 meters up in only 1100 meters of distance. The race has to be done on foot, either walking or running.

We start in the area of Ibarla, in the Meaka district of Irun. The start point is at the beginning of a hill, next to the highway tunnel. This is the most direct and steep way to the San Marcial mountain. Despite being a short route, the slope of the hill makes it very intense. The runner must know how to regulate their strength in order to obtain the best result. The circuit ends in the small square surrounded by a parapet, near the chapel of San Marcial.

The terrain is a combination of paths and paved roads. Including a long staircase in the middle of the route.

We leave you available the map of the circuit as well as the video of one of our runners testing the route. The guy starts too strong and ends up paying for it at the end…

How to participate

In order to participate you will need to register your race with the STRAVA platform. You have two options for this:

Once you have registered your race you must click on the registration button and introduce the necessary data.

If you have any problems during the process you can always contact us

Route map

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