Oarsotri Fortaleza Challenge

Oarsotri Fortaleza Challenge

    Renteria, Gipuzkoa


    1 Jan, 2021

  • END

    31 Jan, 2021


    12300 m.

Race has finished

This race finished on day 31 January, 2021.

Race description

“Oarsotri Fortaleza Challenge” is a foot race of just over 12 kilometers. It is a classic segment in the training of Oarsoaldea runners. This is a roundtrip route that goes through the bidegorri of Arditurri. Although the slope is hardly noticed, the way to the turn is in ascent while the return back is in descent.

The route does not present any difficulty and the surface is just pavement. We must pay special attention to the crossings with different roads. In spite of being all signalized by zebra crossings we will take extreme caution to avoid possible accidents.

The starting point is located in “Alameda de Gamón”, in the small fountain located next to the newsstand.

Gamon Zumardia

From there we will start in the direction of Fanderia. We will always run through the “bidegorri”, avoiding the parallel walk to this one. When you reach the end of Fanderia, turn left and cross the bridge to the Lartzabal district. We will continue our race going under the bridge that forms the road in the direction of the commercial center Mamut. We will continue in the bidegorri on the lane marked for pedestrians.

After leaving behind the Ugaldetxo district, we will reach the tunnels. In our case we will have to take the tunnel on the right, since it is the one destined for pedestrians. Once we have left this section, we will continue walking towards Peñas de Aia.

Without leaving at any moment the bidegorri we will cross two more crossings with the roads that communicate the center of Oiartzun with the district of Iturriotz and Altzibar respectively.

Finally we will arrive at the turning point. This is located at the intersection of the bidegorri with the road to Lesaka. At this point we will find in front of us the bar-restaurant “Fortaleza”. After touching with the hand the second of the fences we will turn and make the way back to the start line


How to participate

In order to participate you will need to register your race with the STRAVA platform. You have two options for this:

Once you have registered your race you must click on the registration button and introduce the necessary data.

If you have any problems during the process you can always contact us


We want to thank our friends from Oarsotri Triatloi Taldea for sending us this race proposal.


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