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Aldapan project has been born along with two available races.

  • Posted by :Iñigo
  • Date :28 Sep, 2020
  • Category : News

Aldapan project has been born

Along with the confinement and the coronavirus pandemic, the races we were registered for and had been training for began to be suspended. We assumed that we would have to wait and hoped that in September we would be able to participate again. However, the reality was that the cancellations would keep coming and we would still have a long way to go.

In the summer the idea of looking for new goals and new ways to compete came up. We saw how some races suspended their editions and created their virtual editions instead. There were also groups of friends encouraging themselves to make the best time on the same route. We liked the idea and tried to do our bit. To do so we created this website, a platform where we can share our favorite routes and where people can sign up and compete again during this “new normal”.

We start with two races

The website kicks off with two races available, both in Gipuzkoa. The route must be done running or walking and following the indicated circuit.

In order to participate you will need to use a device with GPS and have an account on the STRAVA platform.

As the participants register their marks they will be able to consult the provisional classification and when the deadline expires we will publish the final results.

The initial registration period will last one month.

San Marcial uphill

The first race takes place in Irun, with a very short but intense circuit. The runner will have to climb to the top of San Marcial, using the most direct but also the steepest route. In total it is only 1100 meters, it seems short at first, but everything depends on the intensity applied.

San Marcos uphill

The route of the second race is located in Renteria. It is an ascent of about 5 kilometers to the Fort of San Marcos. The route runs at all times on asphalt and is therefore not at all technical.

And then what?

We look forward to an improvement in the situation. We hope that we overcome the pandemic and that everything goes back to the way it was before. Does that mean that this project is a temporary thing? Maybe, or maybe not. When the day comes we will aks ourselves whether Aldapan can still be useful or not.